Traditional Audio Sales and Installation

Music has a direct connection with our well-being and emotional state
​  Whether you just want to get that broken speaker fixed or you desperately need to redo your entire stereo for competition style loudness and clarity, this is the section you start in. Some people see the stereo as not a necessity in their car, until something goes wrong. Then a bitter reality sets in. Life is not as much fun without music, talk radio, cds, audio books, movies, phone conversations (safely and legally), navigation or any of the many possibilities your radio can give you.

To truly know what you want, you have to truly know what the possibilities are. This is complicated and nearly impossible for the everyday customer to keep up with. That’s where a professional staff with the knowledge, experience true desire to help you comes in. You have a life to live, let us handle this part. Online research can take hours and DIY in this industry can honestly cost you your auto. Professional service isn't available in pieces. Someone either gives you all of it, or they didn't give it to you at all. So feel free to call and ask what is available to you. We are here to help.

Remote Start, Sercurity and GPS
  Convenience and safety are totally available in your automobile
With weather having a mind of its own, you definitely want your car ready to go as soon as you get in it, and now it's available for you. Your experience of the freezing cold winter or the fire-hot summers are literally summed up for you by walking to your car. Once inside the temperature is what you set and you're ready to go. Get to work on time by adding a remote start that can do that for you!

In today's world security isn't an option, it has become a necessity. No one wants to lose what they worked so hard for. And your insurance company doesn't want you to either. They offer discounts for security add-ons because they are proven effective. But the installation will make the biggest impact on whether or not your auto and all of your belonging s are still there when you come back.

Nothing hurts quite like going to where you're sure you parked your car and it not being there. Security itself cuts downs on this possibility, but thieves are ever resourceful and growing more determined every day. If someone wants something bad enough they will have it. But because they got it doesn't mean they won. GPS location services will tell you exactly where they went and where to send the police to retrieve it and them. With proper and professional installation and setup the thieves never know it’s there. So you will get your car back and the thieves who stole from you! Video surveillance monitoring for your vehicle is also available.
Custom Audio and Styling
It's time your car looked as good as it sounds. When someone rides in your car, they experience you. You chose this car and made it your own. It should look as awesome as you do!
This section says the most by saying the least. The only limit is your imagination.
Exterior and Interior Lighting
If you are trying to see better at night or add your own personal accents to your car this is the perfect section to look into.

Electrical System Upgrades
If you are planning on adding a ton of things to your auto, you better have the power you need! We can definitely
  get you where you need to be to make sure your auto can dish out all the power you need.
Factory Integration and add-on
With new autos the style is going increasingly to keeping what you have and adding to whats there already. We have all the experience necessary to do so and offer you all possibilities.