About Us

Believing in Something Better

  I have been told a hundred times at least in my life to just accept things. That the world just is the way it is and the way it will always be. That companies run the way they do and treat customers the way they do because it is the only way a company can survive. The reason I was told so many times is I refuse to buy that a hundred and one times at least.

A big turning point in my career started in my Best Buy orientation. The company prepares you to sell their way buy telling you certain things. The most important factor was listening to the customer. Knowing what they truly needed and being experienced enough to decipher what they say. The truth is helping the customer get exactly what they needed was far from the real goal. But I bought what they were saying and truly took it to heart. That salesman/ installers were really customer servicemen in the truest sense.

I built upon it with my own personal values and perspectives, I try to give everyone exactly what I would want. True service. I have managed to find a small team in my travels that share my same beliefs and values. Together we form Sound Advice Mobile Electronics. So, please give us a call and see what we can offer you.


Amp Pope